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Music Therapy is an online global magazine that helps music therapists feel CONNECTED to their worldwide community! 

Music therapists: you are out there doing amazing work all over the world. Let's use this space to learn about each other, share helpful resources and tell meaningful stories of global connection. When you explore this site, I hope you feel supported and inspired! 

Creator of C2MT

Miya Adout, MTA

In 2017, my partner and I packed our bags and headed to South Asia on a journey of a lifetime. While in Nepal, I decided to reach out to the local music therapy community and as a result, felt incredibly inspired by the work they were doing and developed long-lasting professional connections. Ever since, I have been brainstorming ways in which music therapists can connect more with their global community and inspire each other from afar. I hope this magazine will help to accomplish this goal! 

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